BROWN SUGAR! The crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, the brown sugar line put the cream in your shop.
Our objective was to stand out from the rest and say that we have accomplished just that without a doubt.
From breakfast staples like cereal to the cheesecake enjoyed after a good meal,
brown sugar strives to collect the hearts of those who are looking to satiate their sweet tooth.

▶CUSTARD: One of the hardest flavors to perfect has now been perfected.
Undertones of vanilla and caramel send this juice to another plateau and transcend
the custard profile of e-liquid to a place no one ever thought was possible.

▶CEREAL MILK: Guaranteed to send you for a loop, this fruit cereal is so enjoyable.
Other juices have attempted to make the perfect vape, well we showed them two can play that game.

▶COOKIE: This vanilla cookie e-liquid provides a mesmerizing experience to those who love
these circular bundles of joy. The simplicity of this juice is what makes it stand out,
nothing flashy here. Just great mixing and an abundant amount of cookie flavor.

▶CHEESECAKE: This cheesecake, while not made in a factory, was hand-made to bring you
the guilty pleasures of overindulgence. Our cheesecake is not meant to be enjoyed in moderation,
it's meant to be entirely consumed to your heart's content.

▶Bottle Size : 60ml & 100ml
▶Nicotine Strength : 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.


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Highly disappointed

I had high expectations from this and the rest of my first order sadly it was a huge let down. I know creme brule is basically "burnt creme" and i definitely got a burnt taste no matter what I put it in, rda, or rta. Gosh build and cotton and it made no difference I dont know If i got the "new formula" version, but i know what I got is pretty much unvapable.

John a.
If 10 stars was an option

I’ve tried so many cheesecake flavors and none have even been worthy of comparing . However you take a chance at getting a fresh bottle. I’ve ordered about 12 100 ml bottles in 2 months and less then half of the bottles was fresh. If you get lucky to get a fresh bottle and your a cheesecake fan like me I have no doubt you’ll enjoy.