"This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical."

The C Gar - An exemplary cigar brand that is sure to captivate all tobacco lovers. We source our own tobacco flavors and use a natural extraction process for our tobacco juices, which is what sets the Cgar brand apart from the rest.

Original: Miss that cigar flavor? Try our entry level cigar e-liquid, a clean smooth experience all can joy.

Cubano: A rich and bold flavor that resembles that of a Cubano. Full of sweet spices and toasted nuts, this sophisticated e-liquid will make you a cigar aficionado. 

Ligero: This flavor has undertones of light oriental tobacco but holds true to it's cuban roots. Get a hold of this potent and spicy cigar flavored e-liquid.

Cohoro: A sweetly refined cigar flavor with subtle nots of sweet oats. This e-liquid will bring you to Havana. 

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