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Hi! So, you came. We have been expecting you to check the DROP collection at E&B. Since the hectic search for the best place to get your favorite salt nic juice flavors is tiring, we don’t want you to wait any longer.

We have a reputation for commitment and outstanding client service that completes the meaning of satisfaction. Whether you are an avid vaper, a DIY pro, or a new vaper who needs something surprisingly good for their taste buds, here you are - at the right place!

The Balance You Seek

The DROP salt nic juice flavors bring you the perfect 50:50 mix of VG and PG. Enjoy standard nicotine vaping, unlike ever before. So, you can grab a product you like and enjoy it with your favorite device, be it an e-cig cartridge or tank.

The DROP collection is famous in the market for its ability to stimulate the senses and put you in a groove you don’t want to forget. The limited-edition mouthwatering flavors are crafted to let it play. Feel the bass drop!

DROP drops the Best Products

DROP is popular for its signature flavors, which the brand manufactured to provide you with the best all-day vaping. Enjoy the delicious product line that introduces you to the feeling of unison you have been longing for.

Buy Premium DROP Juices at E&B

Shop the highest-quality nicotine vape juice flavors on our website. We have a fully-stocked inventory of e-liquid brands with an even larger selection of flavors. From simple to complex flavors and an ever-growing range of flavor profiles, you are going to love E&B!

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