Vape Tea prides itself on the steeping process of its premium vapor liquids. Just like how teas are steeped to bring out its flavors and fragrance, we believe in the same philosophy for vapor liquid creations. The liquids are aged to bring the flavor to fullness and embody the essences and tastes of teas. We also pride ourselves in our natural extracted flavors and taste. Flavors are extracted from natural ingredients to embody the taste and aroma of classic traditional teas and beverages.Through our steeping process and use of flavors extracted from natural ingredients, we are able to deliver a premium natural vapor liquid that embodies the aroma and flavors of the classics.

Chai Latte: Rich black tea infused with cardamom, cinnamon and hints of spice is blended with steamed milk and topped with foam for a warm, soothing experience.

Green Tea: Shade-grown Japanese green tea leaves harvested, micro grounded and whisked in water to perfection.

Oolong Tea: Green tea leaves cultivated from traditional Chinese plantations and semi-oxidized during fermentation for the complexities of black teas and the freshness of green teas. 

Taro Milk Tea: A sweet unique tea combined with milk for a smooth creamy texture. This flavor offers the unparalleled taste of taro tea and milk to create a brand new vaping experience for you all to try.

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Oolong tea

Might be one the worst tasting juices I've ever tried in my life, tried to pawn it off of friends and they couldn't stand it either. Definitely wouldn't recommend

sarah s.
United States
Absolutely love it

It is insane how this vape juice smells and taste just like the tea I ordered. I'm so in love!