Drop Salt e-juices set themselves apart from the rest with something that salt does well,
which is deliver a smooth throat hit and an instant lush nicotine satisfaction.
Savor our wide range of different flavors, one of which is sure to be brewed just for you.
Our trusted vape brand will always leave you feeling delighted. Enjoy our different flavor
profiles that are designed especially to indulge your senses. You will be in a much better
mood than usual after you have a juice by your side that gives you a boost of pleasurable flavor.

Cigar: The robust and sweet flavor of your favorite Cuban Cigar. This flavor is perfect for any cigar lover.

RedThe taste of red tobacco. If you like the taste of American Cigarettes, you will love this e-liquid.

SpearmintThe cool, minty flavor of this spearmint e-juice is delightful and refreshing.

Butterscotch: The taste of caramel, brown sugar, and butterscotch will make this e-juice melt in your mouth, just like the  traditional Scottish candy.

MentholThis menthol tobacco flavored e-liquid strengthens the "throat hit" by providing you with a cool inhale and exhale.

Grape: The taste of concord grapes makes this e-juice refreshingly sweet and berry delicious. 

Cereal: This e-juice satisfies your cravings with that savory corn cereal flavor. the level of sweetness is just right. 

Peach Mango A ripe, juicy peach with just the right amount of sweet mango makes this e-liquid a sweet and refreshing all day vape.

*Stem Nicotine Available*

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