"This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine Is An Addictive Chemical."

Icy Blast - A menthol and mint line aimed to satisfy those who seek the icy sensation menthol flavors have to offer. Whether it's a hot day or not, Icy Blast will cool you down and soothe your palate in your time of need.

Lychee: Bright and flavorful, Lychee is not unique due to it's flavor but also unique in it's usefulness. Combined with a menthol base, this flavor is one of a kind and hard to duplicate.

Mango: Experience this unique combination of fruit and menthol. The explosion of refreshment and juicy mango's all at once is enough to please the pickiest of vapers.

Apple: The sensation you get from vaping fresh apples and cool menthol provides your taste buds with an explosion of flavor. The finish on this juice is brisk and refreshing and will surely make a lasting impression. 

Grape: The taste of sweet grape candy and cool mint is an experience all should try at least once in their life time. Well balanced and satisfying, this juice will have you coming back for more.

Lemon: This is our take on what ice cold lemonade should be. Fresh zesty lemons combined with icy mint will send your palate back to the first time you waited in line for this ice cold beverage. 

Tangerine: Sun kissed tangerine will excite your taste buds and leave a long lasting burst of fruity sensations. 

RaspberryThis heavenly blend provides a burst of delicious raspberry flavors and refreshing minty menthol raspberry notes that will make you pucker up. Relish the sweet and minty aromas as you enjoy our raspberry menthol e-liquid.

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